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Big Hands – Luke Shepard for Nikon France

Cheers to all of those who love and use Nikon.

A video filmed by Luke Shepard.

Let them eat cake… at Sugarplum

Even though this was a while back, I’m going to write about it anyway! Anne allowed me to discover this haven in the 5th: Sugarplum (which I had never been to! I am still amazed!). We walked around the quarter before heading in for a tea (served in jars, truly à la New York) and a strumpet. I chose the Vanilla Bean Cupcake, and boy was it delicious.

This has been a non-stop-non-stop week or two. YIKES. Back into the swing of routine. At least Paris has given the chills a break to give us some sunshine and springingly fresh sunshine. It makes it worth an afternoon ice cream at places like Vasa Vasa or an outdoor café for a kir and people watching.

So take a break from the stress and have some sweets. It makes all things a pinch better and more relaxing, even if just for an afternoon escape. Eaten any good sweets lately? Well, SUNDAY is CUPCAKE CAMP… so get ready to feast your eyes on all things sweets. You can find out about it right here or .

Address: 68 rue du Cardinal Lemoine 75005
Métro: Cardinal Lemoine (10)


A Candle-Lit Castle

If you have no idea what to do on a Saturday night…..

Go and see Vaux Le Vicomte and its gardens completely lit by candles.

[Every Saturday from May 7 until October 8]

…..And throw some champagne and a nice dinner in while you’re at it if you’re feeling crazy…. just reserve a few weeks in advanced!





The adventures start at 8pm, but you can arrive and wander before hand until the sunsets and the tours begin. Grab some dinner, a little bit of bubbly, and wander the gardens as well as the interior of the castle – all lit by candles.

It had been a while since I had done something so relaxing and pleasing. And it was perfect for Louis’s father’s birthday celebration. Definitely would be an epic date idea.

I could smell autumn walking through the gardens, it reminded me of the Colorado Corn Mazes around this time of year….bundling up for autumn breezes and some good adventuring.

Paris Treasures: Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature

This is also one of those places that I don’t know why I did not go until NOW. I feel that this should have been discovered within my first month of living in Paris. Oh well. 3 1/2 years later, I finally made it to Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature with miss , where we formally met a guy who makes all of these crazy animal heads & bodies (….totally the winner of the most unique profession I’ve heard of thus far in my life!)

The Musée de la Chasse is in the heart of the Marais, and definitely worth a visit. Each room is decorated so precisely with amazing color schemes that will make your jaw drop.

Have you stopped by Beauty Cakes yet? I’ve got a post to come on that hidden cupcakerie up in the 17th!

I also want to find some of this wine from Australia. I am totally obsessed with their labels that I discovered here.

I changed my theme again. I think that this one will stick. Check it out right .

Stoked for the new American series Pan Am, check out Anne’s recap of Planes, “Trains and Yesteryear” at Prêt-à-Voyager.

Currently loving this

I just can’t get enough sweets: 10 days until Paris’s Second Cupcake Camp organized by Sugar Daze!


Last Rainy Antique-y Saturday

Last Saturday it was rainy. But the brocante at rue Cler and a little brunch at Pain et Chocolat with behind Oh Happy Day made it just right.

There are brocantes all over Paris year-round, and you’re bound to find many treasures. Don’t forget to whip out your French and bargain your heart out!


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