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I love traditions. I inherited this love from my mother. I like the idea of things and moments repeating themselves. It gives me something to look forward to, and to continuously appreciate. I sometimes wonder how lame things could be if it weren’t for traditions.

With that said, my bestie and I are starting a new tradition: random frolicking in Paris on the weekends. This past Sunday was our first Sunday Funday, and we filled it up with vegan cupcakes, a pumpkin spice flat white, a deliciously hoppy pint, quick play of tourist and hot cocoa with Valerie and finished it off with some indian food with more awesome friends.

Sometimes a decently packed day like this one is needed for sanity. What’s better than riding a bike all over Paris on a surprisingly sunny autumn Sunday?

You can read about Ana’s take on our special day and our primary stop, Vegan Folie’s, here.

Vegan Folie’s
53, rue Mouffetard, 75005
Métro: Place Monge (7)

Sugarplum Cake Shop
68 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005
Métro: Cardinale Lemoine (10)

Chez Julien
1 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004
Métro: Pont Marie

15 rue Cail, 75010
Métro: La Chapelle (2)


In Paris it’s easy to come by adorable snack spots. Especially for sweets.

One spot that I’ve always found quite precious is Chloé S. The pastel colors and decadent cupcakes will cheer you up on any rainy day. The shop it self is spunky witha retro touch, like a cupcake diner. They’ll pack up your cupcake in a precious transparent bag to go if you’re bringing a treat to someone.

The cupcake flavors vary depending on the day. In my experience there’s always 4-5 options, usually flavors you would have never thought to be mix! The frosting is lighter in my opinion, it’s la touche française to the traditional American cupcake. I am always a sucker for anycup with berries involved at Chloé S…


40 rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, 75009
Métro: Pigalle (12/2)


This past weekend Olivia had a -->Cleopatra’s Bling --> Jewellery vente privée at Sugar Daze. It was a gloomy day, and some bling and a cupcake was the perfect way to brighten it up with some familiar faces.

I am constantly falling in love with the treasures Olivia brings back from her travels… the stunning stones and appalling vintage pieces from places that seem like a world away. They are the perfect addition to any outfit, simple beauties to be incorporated with any style. Add a little color to your fingers.

The cherry on top of this fantastic Sunday, was the opportunity to indulge in my favorite flavor cupcake at Sugar Daze, the cotton candy cupcake called I Want Candy. It sounds a bit crazy, but boy is it delicious: a vanilla cake with cotton candy flavored buttercream…topped with a marshmallow and all.



Often I feel like when I’ve got a day off, I squeeze in more and am ultimately more productive. Do you ever feel this way? The day always seems a bit brighter than just a normal weekend day. It’s funny, isn’t it?


When you’ve got a day to share with someone, it makes it even more exciting. Steph and I hit up the 12th to check out Sandy’s Cupcakes, and made a few stops along the way. The sun came in and out of the clouds and when it was hiding we would slide into a café like Le Rouge Limé to stay warm (yes, remember how in May it was freezing cold most of the time?).

It’s funny, since now it’s really hot in Paris, I’m thinking of those cooler days and I say to myself, boy, those were nice. Sometimes all one needs is a little breeze.


I’m always in awe of the adorable cupcakes that Cat has in her shop, Sugar Daze. The buttercream is not only adorable and scrumptious, but delicious and creamy as can be. One of my favorite things about Cat’s cupcakes is that they are a) not top heavy and b) not too big. It’s the perfect size for a goûter, and getting two is totally doable for sweet tooths like myself.

I’m a huge fan of what she does, and just love popping in for a cupcake and a nice chat.

On a side note, the zebra wallpaper is also the best thing I’ve seen on a Parisian shop wall.

Need a cake or cupcakes for an occasion? Sugar Daze also does custom cakes that will match what you have in your dreams, if not go beyond. Not even kidding.

Sugar Daze
20, rue Henri Monnier, 75009
Métro: Pigalle (12/2), Saint Georges (12)

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