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Copenhagen, what a rad city. I’ve already got it in my head that I need to go back with a day dedicated just to the Tivoli Gardens. Charm, local craft beer, deliciously crafted cocktails, design reputation… Copenhagen has it all! I knew from the start I’d like it due to the presence of Mikkeller, Hay and Tiger (3 very dangerous elements for me), and the hot dogs everyone was raving about made it EVEN better.

If you’re going for just a weekend, I’d suggest staying in the smack-dab center, in Nørrebro or in Vesterbro, although if you’re slightly outwards from the city center, the rentable city bikes are so easy to sign up for and also are electric with tablets and GPS. Oh, magical Scandinavia…

Central Hotel & Café // Pinterest-worthy café and hotel with 1 room
Copenhagen Streetfood // Food hall
Døp – den økologiske pølsemand // Hot dog stand
Jægersborggade // Street filled with shops and cafés cute AF
Karamelleriet // Sweet shop
Lidkoeb // Cocktail bar
Manfreds // Trendy spot great for dinner
Mikkeller & Friends // Craft beer bar
Mother // Pizza place recommended by someone I totally trust
Neighborhood // Organic pizzeria & cocktail palace
Nyhavn // Touristy but photogenic canal
Ruby // Dapper cocktail bar
Warpigs // Brewpub

Chronicles of this trip are also

I know, I know… too many pictures in this post: Honestly I couldn’t cut it down any further, there were just so many I liked! ‘Twas another weekend getaway with some lovely ladies… this time northeast across the French and Belgian borders to Holland to find some tulip fields. Low and behold, we also found beautiful fields of daffodils and hyacinths. But before that— we passed [far too] quickly through a lovely town called Rotterdam. I had been wanting to go to Rotterdam quite some time, especially after drooling over Kit & Nancy’s blog and . The modernity of the city and tasteful design had me dreaming a bit.

We got into town and the rain had us a bit down, but with a little vintage shopping fix, Cube House selfies, stroopwafel stop and recharge we were able to have a chatty and boozy evening at Aloha. Aloha was awesome, but don’t let those Dutch smiles fool you, they rarely take another card besides Maestro (who has a Maestro?!). Definitely plan to have cash on your on your trip, to avoid unnecessary stress. Aloha is a once pool now awesomely tropic bar and restaurant. In the summertime I bet their terrace is pretty rad. I’ll need to head back to Rotterdam sometime, because to be honest when we woke up to blue skies that Sunday we booked it north to find flower fields. Geeks!

The mini road trip started by heading towards Leiden, which I had heard of cos a good friend of mine went to Law School there. Anyways, she had told me to just drive around there, and that is exactly what we did! Before we knew it we were off the main streets near Noordwijk and pulling over to go hang out in random local fields. I honestly am not sure I know what to call someone who grows flowers professionally…? It was beautiful and had me questioning life and my career, ha. Our third field was the most rad of them all: various color palettes and flowers. Luckily Ylenia needed to use the restroom so we wandered around the greenhouse next to the fields, and found the most MAGICAL PLACE THAT COULD EVER EXIST ON THE PLANET. When I say that I am not exaggerating. It’s called Kwekerij en theedrinkerij Noordwijk Buiten, and it’s incredible. There’s even a bus pulled in the side, vintage knick-knacks and fresh flowers all over the place, delicious snacks and teas, wooden and iron tables out in the lawn with a view of the fields, wooden suspended chairs…

And then there were more flower fields.

Aloha // Restaurant & Bar (rezo recommended)
Markhal // Market hall with restaurants, shops & bars
Noordwijk Buiten // Greenhouse café and event space
Tony’s Garage Sale // Vintage shop
// Waffle Shop

A weekend spent near Poitiers in a dreamy chateau thanks to G&T Weekends.

g&t weekend in poitiers - de quelle planete es tu -18

Sometimes what can do the soul some good is a weekend trip to a castle. Not even kidding. There’s something magical about waking up in a castle. Not having to worry about anything, not having to cook or clean… just a good time with good people. It’s quite simple, you get some snazzy people in one place and magic can be made. This is what G&T Weekends does. This particular G&T weekend organized by the charming duo Gillian and Tess took place in a castle near the town of Poitiers, about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Paris. I had found out about the Easter weekend extravaganza through my girlfriends Haleigh and Lou, and totally knew that I wanted to be a part of it, eep!

The Chateau St. Julien truly was a little treasure in the French countryside, so charming, tucked next to the church of a small town called Saint-Julien-l’Ars with camellias and daffodils everywhere. Its pastel towers are the perfect contrast with any color sky, but preferably baby blue. It has medieval towers with beautiful hallways and secret rooms, a rad spiral staircase, an estate with perfectly lined trees, clawfoot bathtubs, a cozy fireplace and beautiful tiles… the works. 33 young professionals (and good-time cravers) came together that weekend, and we had delicious meals at one long table and our hearts were filled with joy. Between prepared rosé-filled feasts, strolls outdoors with champagne flutes in hand and fireside chats into the wee hours of the morning, there was laughing and even more dancing. We even went horseback riding one morning, took a cooking class and had a French-themed champagne tasting. Everything was prepared for us, and the only thing guests have to do at G&T weekends is have a good time, they sure know how to pamper! There were even snacks!

As busy humans it’s so easy to get caught up in routine and work and work and work, let’s just say a long weekend away with bottomless wine was much needed, and the people there were just sublime.

More about G&T Weekends and their upcoming trips planned in Europe on their site and of course with 

It’s been a tough few days here in Paris, but I wanted to squeeze out this little post that has been ready for quite some time, documenting a weekend away to visit dear friends.

I made it to London weekend before last to visit a close friend for a very special crafty couple of days. She is an avid sewer and is getting married next summer in her homeland of Sweden, and one of the cutest details to date is that she’s having all of us bridesmaids sew our own dresses! Basically she chose the fabric of her dreams and we all chose a pattern to whip up when in Londontown.

Obviously, being the beer obsessed lady that I am, the weekend started out with dinner at a newish brew pub called The Temple Brew House, where I indulged in a big fried fish with heaps of chips (you know, fries, ehhem) and of course… BRITISH CRAFT BEER. The trip was short really only having Friday night to Monday afternoon, but since I don’t really know London at all – aside from the touristy stuff I did when I was a preteen – I was happy as a clam with some strolling.

We attempted the super popular Breakfast Club restaurant and failed (the line was twice as long as the meal would have lasted), so we continued on to have eggs elsewhere at one of London’s infinite trendy-open-all-the-time-with-gluten-free-options-and-fresh-juice places. When you’ve got good company, any spot will do. Brick Lane was packed with both the young and the old, punks and preps, feasting on grub at what used to be the Truman Brewery, now turned street food Oz. The vintage shops were underground and vinyls were everywhere. I could definitely get used to this type of daily life, on the condition that the currency I earned was pounds (fudge, so expensive…). Before heading back on Sunday evening for a dinner in, we popped by BrewDog, where I basically consumed a full meal in beer: Pumpkin King followed by Siren’s Caribbean Chocolate Cake. Pure magic.

Something about London made me very happy. A certain je ne sais quoi. I’m not quite sure if it was the savory breakfast everywhere, the unpretentious pub culture or the brick buildings and markets… I guess I’ll have to go back, hehe.

Brewdog // Tap room
Brick Lane // Vintage clothing & vinyls hotspot
Canteen // Grub spot
Kew Royal Botanical Gardens // Big lovely park
The Temple Brew House // Microbrewery, pub & restaurant

3 and a half hours from Paris’s Gare de Lyon. I had seen so many pictures of Provence on fellow expat’s Instagram’s accounts, visits to see the lavender fields. It seemed like the “to do” thing this spring and summer. We didn’t make it to the Provence lavender fields given the autumnal season that had arrived every so justly, BUT we did get to discover Aix-en-Provence for a weekend away with my lovely aunt who was in town. The tones of the city are different from Paris, a different kind of magic. I could literally feel how much more relaxing the lifestyle there must be as soon as I took in a breath of the mediterranean air.

Provence is known globally also for their food. I remember even the French restaurant I worked at in Denver when I was 16, the sadly no longer Le Central, it was a “Provencal French Restaurant”. Even then I didn’t really realize where Provence was, or what its specialities was, anything French seemed exotic for a Denverite! Ratatouille, stuffed vegetables, aioli, pesto soup, fig tarts, calissons… it’s all just so good an world renowned.

The city itself deserves a good old fashion stroll, mainly because it is just so adorable: pastel colors, little balconies, tiny pedestrian streets and warn down old advertisements on the sides of buildings…

If you’re in Aix for a quick trip like we were, I suggest giving lunch a try up at the Place des Cardeurs, then stroll down through the adorably tiny and pastel streets to pop in for a caffeine recharge at Mana Espresso (ex-baristas from Paris’s Loustic!). After more wandering and buying things like herbs and soap, sit on a terrace and try a glass of Pastis, the local apéritif, paired with some people watching. I obviously wanted to make the mini detour to see that big Petit Prince book statue that has been all over social media, and I found out it’s actually the entrance to a library called La Cité du Livre, how cute is that? You’ll have to try to local sweet confection, le calisson (pssst Pâtisserie Béchard makes a darn good one!) Dinner is a must at Les Deux Garçons, the staple brasserie du coin that sits on the main drag, if the weather permits, reserve a table on the terrace. Paradise.

Quick side note—- if you take the TGV you’ll arrive at a train station about 20 minutes from the center of Aix. We didn’t know that until AFTERWARDS. There are busses that go to the city center, and also taxis which run for about 20-30 euros. Bref, to keep in mind more precisely for your departure!

Cité du Livre // Library,
Chez Féraud // French Restaurant
La Compagnie des Savons // Soap Shop
La Route des Bières // Beer Shop
Les Deux Garçons // French Restaurant
// Coffee Shop
// Candy Shop, Calisson masterminds
Place des Cardeurs // Place with heaps of restaurants
Santons Girault //

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