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I actually discovered Coté Bac on the Deck & Donohue website, and was so excited to find somewhere in Asnières that served their delicious beer. If you didn’t know already, we live in Asnières, so just outside of the city’s northwest limits. The other few times we’ve tried to make it to this place it’s been last minute, and they were always booked up. One night during the heatwave, we made it for a dinner date.

If you haven’t noticed already, most neo bistros and seasonal bistros are in the 10th or 11th districts. Yeah, I know. Frustrating. People are definitely not getting creative with locations. I looked at my saved places on my mobile Google Map, and it’s depressing how many empty neighborhoods they are (I do have more exploring to do, of course, but most of my saved places are either favorites or “to try” places that I see on Instagram or hear about through friends). ANYWAYS. Long story short, I was thrilled there was something unique to discover in Asnières.

Côté Bac is a seasonal bistro. French food. Presented very nicely, on the pricy side. Bottled craft beer and good wine on the drinks menu. It’s definitely a gem in the sea of kebab places and opticiens in this particular suburb. Entrées were colorful and full of flavor, I went with a tangy shrimp dish and I don’t remember what Louis got. As for the entrées, Louis’s fish was far too grilled, sadly to the point where not edible because the taste was solely the burn and not the fish – but I think and hope it was just a one-time error – they docked the bill by a couple of euros as the young waitress noticed he had only like 2 bites when she took his plate after being “terminé”, ugh, a shame… is it American of me for wanting them to offer dessert or something? Whatever. On the contrary, my filet mignon was sublime with super-duper-thin-cut fried veggies and a perfectly sized portion of risotto. My dessert was a magical meringue cut-out paisley ball with fresh red berries and sorbet inside… oh là là… My date went with the chocolate profiteroles, one of his all time favorites. This joint is definitely on the pricier side, count on 50 euros a person or so if you plan to do appetizer, entrée and dessert with wine. Despite the heatwave (I think we went one of the days when it was 40 degrees celsius), the staff was friendly and rather attentive. They did alter the time of my reservation when requested over the phone that same day, which was odd because the place wasn’t full at all when we were there that night, but whatever. A nicely lit place to check out again for lunch or dinner. It’s nice to know we have a nice neighborhood joint with quality grub for when there are visitors in town.

Côté Bac
30 Rue du Bac, 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine

Reservations recommended


For my bestie’s last weekend in Paris before she moved to Munich for the next chapter in her professional life, we planned a little dinner date à deux at Soya, which I had been dying to try. I couldn’t think of anyone better to give this place a whirl with. This gal and I have made Paris our stomping ground, and have grown up so much since our arrival at the same Uni in 2008. It’s pretty crazy how time flies. I must say, the hard thing about expat life is that people leaving for new horizons becomes a common thing. I’ve been the one that’s left before – as I’m sure other expats totally get this feeling, too – so it’s a bittersweet goodbye, that is filled with so much excitement. Now I’ve gotta get my ass to Munich cos I miss her too much.

Soya is a magical vegetarian canteen that serves quality organic food (finding spots with a not as easy as you may think to come by in Paris). The deco has got that earthy yet industrial feel, big beautiful wooden doors, lit candles, some artwork, on the walls, wooden benches and a chalk board where they jot down what’s on the menu. It’s that “less is more” déco that is just perfect in my book. We kicked off the evening with Soya’s mezze plate which was yummy as. For the main dish I went with the lasagna, which I just loved every bite of. My date had the epic quinoa salad with falafel and a sort of veggie tajine with some hot sauce.

Ana Clara, the Brazilian bombshell photographed above, has always been someone I admire for many reasons. One of these one hundred reasons being that this girl truly cares about her body what she puts in it food-wise, which is actually pretty hard in this day and age (or at least I find). I’m not a vegetarian, but eating meals with no meat now and again comes more often than not in my house, and trying some colorfully crafted quality meals without meat is always fine by me.

20, rue de la Pierre-Levée, 75011
Tél: (reservations recommended)
Métro: Goncourt (11), République (3, 5, 8, 9, 11)


This restaurant is one of the few good ones in our hood. It’s got a cozy atmosphere with lovely decor – big ball lights, wooden tables, checkered knick knacks and some signage. They’ve got two terraces- one on each side of the building, which are fabulous in the summertime for a dinner out in the most western part of Paris.

Les Deux Stations features French classics on their menu: from chicken dishes to seafood dishes, I’ve never been disappointed. I totally forgot to get a picture of Louis’s drool)-worthy steak tartare. They also have a tagada dessert on their menu (you know, those little Haribo red candies that are addicting? This dessert tastes like that) that Louis’s dad got once that was utterly amazing.

Louis and I got out of the house one week night and strolled over to Les Deux Stations. I had never really thought about it but the name comes from the fact that there are old gasoline stations (those little side of the road ones) on the streets on both sides. I found that to make the place even more charming.

I find myself loving dinners out at random neighborhood treasures. Sometimes we don’t need to cross the town to go to “that new trendy neo bistro”.

Les Deux Stations
161 Boulevard Exelmans, 75016
Métro: Porte d’Auteuil (10)


Burger places are blossoming across the city of lights, and this one is a gem in my book. Paris-New York not only has a fabulous location (Strasbourg Saint Denis), it has a fantastic atmosphere with bright lights and all the condiments you could ever need. What a great place for a dinner date. Anne and I popped by to give it a whirl, and I must say, I was impressed.

The decoration is casual, simple and bold. The floor tiling is colorful and geometric with a contrasting ceiling of evenly spaced lights, almost like the kind you would see at a fun fair park.

Did I mention they have cheesy fries with bacon?

Paris-New York
50 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010
Métro: Château d’eau (4)



I am a big fan of breakfast. I just love every part of it. It’s also a very important part of the day.

There are two things that are difficult to find in this city: early bird breakfast spots, and gluten-free products. When I discovered Claus, I realized I won’t need to miss this anymore, because it’s tucked all away right next to the Louvre.

The French have their breakfast traditions, but finding a place open before work- besides a boulangerie- is a toughie here in the city of lights. Secondly, finding a place with gluten-free options (in restaurants or in supermarkets) isn’t donné here like it is elsewhere, which can be frustrating for people with dietary restrictions. This is where PÜR FOOD PARIS  stepped in and offered Claus’s founder exactly what he was looking for: the best organic and gluten-free muesli and oats from just across the English channel, Alara. It makes for a delicious breakfast for one and all. It’s just fantastic.

Claus is a breakfast restaurant and a breakfast épicerie. One of a kind in Paris, on the main floor your heart will melt when you are welcomed with homemade treats and shelves full of wholesome and delicious breakfast food for sale. When you go up the stairs, you’ll stumble upon a simplistic and cozy set of wooden tables, with the perfect color palate like sun rays on an autumn morning. Everything is served with simple tableware, the perfect mix of retro and modern. I loved the minimalistic décor of the place, and the boombox quietly playing classical music was the cherry on top.

The Germans are known for indulging in a hearty breakfast, to nourish your body from the moment you wake up. Claus Estermann, the owner and founder, shares this tradition with the international crowds of the Parisian streets. The menu has a variety of hearty savory breakfasts or snacks to pair with your double espresso.

Claus has kept his German origins a part of the menu, offering items such as an epic giant freshly made Bavarian pancake with almonds an apples. With my breakfast I couldn’t resist trying one of Claus’s detox juices, which was to die for. This 8am breakfast kicked off my day for the better.

For his breakfast épicerie, he carefully chooses products with great importance and seeks to find excellent products to celebrate the start of the day. It’s all about breakfast cheer. One of the brands that he carries in his breakfast shop that really caught my eye is Alara mueslis and oats.Alara’s bright colored boxes stick out on the shelf in Claus’s shop, with the most fantastic and informational packaging.

It’s an English family company that was started in 1975 with quite the heart-felt story. It started when their two founders came across 2 British pounds on the ground, and wanted to do something good with it. Long story short, Alex and Aisha Smith started making organic muesli, which has become a staple in breakfasts across the globe. Now, a decade later, they make 100% certified organic and gluten-free mueslis and granolas, operate in sustainable trade, and are the only Fair Trade muesli maker in the world!

Their products are colorful boxes of joy.

I personally like my muesli and oats with yogurt in the morning for a little pick me up. It’s one of the best ways to start a day.

14, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris
Métro: Louvre-Rivoli (1)

Website coming soon!

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