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Fotoautomat at Palais Tokyo

I feel as though I can always count on the Fotoautomat at the Palais de Tokyo (which is provided by Fotoautomat France). Vanessa and I popped by there on  Tuesday for a shoot. I also threw in an old collection of photos from a few years ago, in that same booth.

In the eastern most part of Paris’s 16th district, the Photobooth awaits your poses (except on Mondays, because Palais de Tokyo is closed on Mondays).

Go take it for a spin.

Cheers to all photobooths and those who run them and keep them around.

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A soiree filled with flashes at the Smith

The Smith‘s photobooth is still fantastic and is waiting for you to hop in it.

Perfect Monday evening drinks & snacks with a flash at the end with the gals.

There’s more to come where that came from!

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Discovering the photobooth at the Lakeside Lounge was pure glory. I wandered the city with my sister and mom this weekend, who were in town. We ate loads of sweets and the likes. Typical.

Photobooth at Union Pool… What a surprise!

Today was filled with gloom and rain… ENFIN. It cooled off the city a little bit. Along with our wandering [and eating] through Bedford & Billyburg we stumbled upon Union Ave….. aka… near Union Pool where there is a Photobooth. and I popped in to enjoy a Red Wine Spritzer, which reminded me of Vienna, and to let the rain pass before heading westward to the West Village. La vie est belle.

For a Monday, today was stuffed. And I am definitely enjoying this cooler weather. Tomorrow I’m sure it’ll spike again.

Enjoyed a delicious linner & milkshake at Jimmy’s Diner (I suggest the Buffalo Chicken burger!).

Sipped an espresso at Ella’s on Bedford.

And off it ’twas to Manhattan for a cheese-filled evening with my favorite .

Also, did you see the Photoautomat Daily today?


The perfect Monday…. with a milkshake and a photobooth with a lovely .

Union Pool
484 Union Ave., Brooklyn New York
Subway: Lorimer St (L)

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