Happy Sunday. I hope your weekend has been relaxing and full of sun rays.

I’ve got more Denver things to share up my sleeve.

Is this not the coolest place to have a photography extravaganza?

Sometimes I need a cheat sheet for cooking veggies.

A list of some fantastic Irish blogs.

Currently listening to .

How to roll a burrito, via 5280.

I tried chia pudding for the first time a little while ago. Damn it is delicious.

Instagrams and photos made into polaroids? Why not!

Drooling over this bottle opener necklace.

Save the date! Did you hear about the

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  1. August 26, 2013

    Wow! The closet sale is such a great idea! I wish I were around for it; there would definitely be a few pieces I’d like from you girls!

    Hope you’ve had a lovely summer xx



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